There has never been a greater need for unity on this planet, and with the proliferation of distribution we have the tools to bring people together through tears, laughter and contemplation. At The Great Wide Open we search out issues with appeal to everyone and anchor them in fact with strong storytelling and cinematography. How do you convince your dog to swallow medi- cine? Wrap the pill in something tasty. Our medicine is education and our tasty overlay is good ol’ fashioned entertainment. 

We are a strong base of filmmakers with full production and post-production capabilities, but we’re unafraid to partner up when a project calls for it because creating great entertainment takes a village. From thirty seconds to theaters, our great stories always find a home. Feel free to ask our mothers and these wonderful peeps just how neat we are: ITV, GQ, NAT GEO, DIS- COVERY, JAGUAR, OPRAH, MTV, CADILLAC, LEVIS, TLC, HOUSE OF LORDS, ANIMAL PLANET, SCION, AT&T, HISTORY and the BLACK HILLS SIOUX NATION COUNCIL to name drop a few. We think they’re pretty neat, too.

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