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We are a collective of creative architects 

dedicated to unifying the planet through storytelling 

The Great Wide Open is a collective of experienced and diverse storytellers, investors, and technologists who view entertainment as the future of social impact.


After years of cutting our teeth for the media elite and their status quo, our team has come together to support the next generation of storytellers; honest, unfiltered, and bold.


Not only can we execute any type of production - we also have an innovative investment fund dedicated to the future of our industry. If we want our consumers to be agents of change, we as storytellers must dig deeper, go further and never allow parroted content to leave our camp.

Meet the Team

Brian Neal

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Lynne Dayton

 Chief Information Officer

Larry Blandford

Director of Photography

Jenna Charles

Executive in Charge (Production)

Jared McGilliard

 Chief Content Officer

Board of Advisors


Good vibes

all around

“Brian Neal is a tireless, passionate, producer.  I would describe him as Herzog-esque in his willingness and ability to throw himself into a new world with abandon and dig out the story from the inside.”

Steve Jones Executive Producer

Air Repo, Swamp Hunters, Pitchmen, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

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